Who's Who

The Team

  • Photo of Fiona Gardiner Fiona Gardiner Reader
  • Photo of Revd David Treharne Revd David Treharne Vicar
  • Photo of Revd Nicki Bullivant Revd Nicki Bullivant Curate and Well-being Chaplin
  • Photo of James Parsons James Parsons Reader
  • Photo of Revd David Rees Revd David Rees Locally Ordained Minister
  • Photo of Emma Durbin Emma Durbin Children, Youth and Families Missioner
  • Photo of Revd Canon Dr Tom Clammer Revd Canon Dr Tom Clammer Associate Priest
  • Photo of Ethan Richards Ethan Richards Youthwork Co-ordinator
  • Photo of Clare Presley Clare Presley Parish Administrator
  • Photo of Nicholette Flatman Nicholette Flatman Church Warden
  • Photo of Prof Brian Duerden CBE Prof Brian Duerden CBE Church Warden
  • Photo of Iain Gardiner Iain Gardiner PCC Secretary
  • Photo of John Dempsey John Dempsey Parish Treasurer

Also on the team

  • Photo of Dr. Marion Andrews-Evans Dr. Marion Andrews-Evans Safeguarding Officer for Vulnerable Adults
  • Photo of Marilyn Henderson Marilyn Henderson Safeguarding Officer for Children
  • Photo of Tanya White Tanya White Link Magazine Editor
  • Photo of Roger Martin Roger Martin Tidenham Choir
  • Photo of Wendy Moppett Wendy Moppett Tutshill Choir
  • Photo of Andrew Palmer Andrew Palmer Men's Group
  • Photo of Cate Phillips Cate Phillips Bell Ringing

Pastoral Team

  • Fiona Gardiner
  • Revd David Treharne
  • Revd Nicki Bullivant
  • James Parsons
  • Revd David Rees
  • Iain Gardiner
  • Cate Phillips
  • Julia Parsons
  • Kathryn Payne
  • Polly Morgan
  • Peter Jones
  • Colin Pears
  • Sue Pears
  • George Healey


  • James Parsons
  • Nicholette Flatman
  • John Dempsey
  • Andrew Palmer