Other Groups/Events

Sewing Group

The Parish Sewing Group have undertaken a number of projects in the churches from banners to curtains, stoles to altar linen. Those with enthusiasm (church or non-church) please contact Judith Wells.

Men's Group

Rusty cricketers gathering for a community match, wine or beer tasting, croquet on the Vicarage lawn, archery or even a trip to the dogs! These are some of the activities that have taken place giving the men of the Parish opportunity to come together for some play, relaxation and fellowship. Volunteers are always welcome to arrange an event and newcomers are always welcome to join in. Look out for dates on the calendar and/or Contact Andrew Palmer.

Thursday Parish Lunch

A Parish Lunch for the over 50’s (church and non-church folks) takes place at the Christian Centre in Woodcroft - first Thursday of each month. On average about 40 people attend each month from all different parts of the Parish and beyond - it's a lovely time to catch up. We thank George and Beryl for organising these events.