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Parish Coronavirus Information/Response

Grow Up!

This week's theme is 'Called to be mature' and Vicar David will be exploring spiritual maturity and what it means to grow up in our faith.

For our online service we will hear the parable of the sower told with a lovely lilting Welsh accent and accompanied by illustrations; there is an eclectic mix of worship music including a recorded choir; and we will see some photos of some of the staff team when they were but nippers! There is also a photo of one of our most mature members of the church family and we celebrate his 90th birthday!

Afterwards you are welcome to join us for coffee on zoom at 11.30am - the link can be found on the briefing; or you can join Jane Penny on the field beside St Luke's for a socially distanced picnic.

The service can be found here from 9am on Sunday morning and you can download a hard copy of the sermon here.

Posted on the 6th September 2020 at 8:10am.