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Parish Coronavirus Information/Response

Sunday 5th July Called to be... the church scattered

This week our 'called to be' series focuses on a call be the church scattered which seems rather poignant in these times where we have been unable to meet up together. We will be reflecting on being a Christian and the church 'seven whole days not one in seven,' and how what we do in the course of our ordinary everyday lives is the a crucial front line of mission. Within the service there are also some wonderful clips about what the children want to be when they grow up and the return of some faces from the past!

The worship for this Sunday is available to view on our YouTube channel Tidenham Parish Online Church from 9am on Sunday morning.  To read David's service handout click here

At 11:30am we will meet for a virtual coffee time on Zoom.


Posted on the 4th July 2020 at 10:00am.