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Parish Coronavirus Information/Response

Zoom in to Holy Saturday

On Easter Eve as darkness falls, at 9pm Vicar David will be hosting an Easter Vigil via zoom online.

Together we will read the scriptures recounting the overarching salvation story through Old and New Testaments. We will then renew our baptismal vows (though with no sprinkling of Holy Water this year with so much sensitive computer equipment to hand!.....and water doesn't seem to travel well through cyber space either!) and together we'll watch for the dawn of the resurrection.

All are invited to come prepared with a candle to light during the service in lieu of the Easter fire. On zoom, with the patchwork of congegation members' thumbnail images, this should give a beautiful representation of our call to be light in the world as we live out our baptism, trailing, as Bishop Rachel says, our wet footprints as we go.

The link for the Zoom service is here.

The service will also be livestreamed on the Parish YouTube channel which you can find here.

Posted on the 10th April 2020 at 12:45pm.