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Parish Coronavirus Information/Response

St. Luke's reordering April update

Floor insulation (10cm/4”) now laid over concrete and installation of ‘first fix’ low level electrics underway (5 April)

Floor insulation laid

First fix electrics being installed

Base and drain for font in its new location (7 April). Floor now ready for installation of the pipework for the new under floor heating (UFD).

Base and drain for new location of font

Doesn’t it look a lovely big space?

Big open space!

UFH installed and ready for the screed (10 April)

Under floor heating installed

Under floor heating installed

Floor screed down (11 April). Now waiting for it to dry sufficiently before laying the tiles (26 April)

Screed over under floor heating

Pipework to be boxed in

Don’t worry – the pipework will be boxed in!

Posted on the 27th April 2019 at 1:29pm.