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Parish Coronavirus Information/Response

St. Luke's reordering March update

Work to re-order St Luke’s started on 4th March 2019. In the first week the low level electrics were disconnected (and under pew heaters removed) and pews released from the floor ready for collection the following weekend.

The better floor boards were also removed for reuse in the refurbishment of another property – here is a view of the floor joists (10 March).

Pews removed exposing floor joists

Another view of floor joists

The floor joists were supported on sleeper walls (11 March)

Sleeper walls underneath joists

Another view of sleeper joists

The stone sleeper walls and old solid aisles were levelled off and new stone used to bring the floor levels up. Not many people get to drive a mini-digger or dump truck in church! (18 March)

Mini-digger inside church

Dump truck inside church

Stone levels now up and covered in the damp proof membrane (18 March).

Damp proof membrane

Levels being set for the oversite concrete to be poured on 2 April.

Another view of damp proof membrane

Posted on the 30th March 2019 at 10:20am.