Who We Are

David TreharneRevd David Treharne - Vicar of the Parish of Tidenham and Priest in Charge of St Briavels with Hewelsfield

Although I was brought up attending church at Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff it was only when, as a 14 year old, I was ‘persuaded’ (i.e. paid) to play the organ at another church that faith gradually came alive. Faith and church went from being a cultural experience and financial transaction to being an essential relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and his people which has had a profound effect on the rest of my life.

After studying and setting up a Christian Charity I was ordained in 1999. I went on to serve as a curate in the Parish of Caerphilly before going on to be Priest-in-Charge of Porthkerry and Rhoose, Llandaff Diocesan Vocations Advisor and Assistant DDO. In 2012 I made the ‘daring’ move to the Church of England and Gloucester Diocese where it is a privilege to serve as a Vicar and Priest in Charge.

I am married to Kathy, an Educational Psychologist, and we have a daughter Roseanna. I'm mad on sport and enjoy music, gardening and our important family holidays.

In these Parishes the Vicar thankfully does not know everything and does not do everything! Please do feel free to contact the relevant people listed here who will do their best to assist you. However, you may also contact me regarding matters of faith and church life, but particularly regarding marriages and funerals.

Robert SimpsonRevd Robert Simpson - Associate Priest

I am Associate Minister of St Briavels and Hewelsfield, three days a week and semi retired. I was brought up in a religious divided family, father was a Christian while my mother was not. I became a Christian in my early teens following a Church mission to the Church. I was dragged by God into the ministry in my mid thirties having been a teacher and missionary. I am pastorally responsible for St Briavels and Hewelsfield under David's leadership.

Fiona GardinerFiona Gardiner - Lay Reader

Some of my earliest memories are attending church with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins..a family affair! This mission-hearted church laid a strong faith pattern for my life. Later, at Scripture Union camp, I was overwhelmed by the reality of God’s love for me. Now it was personal!

I studied English at St Andrews University, met my future husband Iain and experienced a real deepening of my faith through interaction with so many other Christians.

After lots of moves in Scotland, we came here in 1992 and found an immediate welcome in St Luke’s Church. We have come home!

I love reading, drama, swimming, having coffee with friends and spending time with people. I also enjoy fly-fishing, golf and F1.

Life with God calling us from place to place, calling us to serve in one capacity or another has been very exciting: following Jesus is never dull.

Janice Hamilton Revd Janice Hamilton - Pioneer Curate

Janice is married with two teenage children. She served for ten years as Youth and Children's minister in the parish before recently following a call to Ordained Pioneer mInistry. She started a three year course in September 2014 with CMS (Church Mission Society) working as part-time Community Minister in Sedbury on placement. She likes to keep fit, enjoys country dancing and plays various musical instruments adequately.

Jane PennyJane Penny - Childrens and Families Minister

I joined the Parish in September 2014 having previously worked as Education Officer at Gloucester Cathedral. Prior to this I was a primary school teacher in London for 10 years.

I was baptised as a baby, but didn't regularly attend a church until joining the church choir aged 10 because I enjoyed singing.

During my teens I grew in faith and loved to learn about Jesus and spend time with fellow believers. I was also actively involved in the Girls' Brigade where I was nurtured in my developing faith. At 18 I left home to study Theology at University. It was during this time that I met Christians who had a living relationship with Jesus, not just a faith based on knowledge. This was a challenging time for me in many ways, and I experienced a time of doubt and confusion. However, just before my 21st birthday, having watched a total eclipse of the moon in the early hours of Good Friday, I realised that Jesus died for me and I dedicated the rest of my life to him. Here I am 20 years later... there have been ups and downs, but God is faithful and it is a joy and privilege to journey with him and the people in Tidenham Parish.

I live in Yorkley with my dog, just around the corner from my parents. When not ministering to children and families in the Parish I enjoys walking in the forest, going to the cinema, spending time with friends and creating greetings cards. One of my favourite pastimes is going out for coffee and cake.

Contact me for anything connected with children or young people: Baptism, Sunday School (known as Splash), School visits, Home group for pre-schoolers, babies and their families, Tutshill Baby and Toddler Group or if you are a new family in the Parish and would like a home visit.

PlaceholderPeter Jones - Churchwarden

I am one of two Churchwardens and tend to concentrate on issues at St Luke's Tutshill church where I have worshipped for over twenty years. I was brought up in a Christian family though it is from an Alpha course in 1996 that I date my full realisation of the Holy Spirit.

A Civil Engineer by profession I am now retired and count God, Geology, Golf, Grandchildren and Globetrotting ( 5Gs) as my main interests now. I took part in the Diocese lay Pastors course in 2014 and I have a hope that everyone can have the opportunity to serve Christ as best they can with their God given skills and gifts.

I am married to Leonie and we have two married sons in their thirties and presently three grandchildren.

If you have any queries that you need answering I will do my utmost to help since having been here so long I usually know a man or woman who can assist.

David Burr - Churchwarden

Roger Martin - Tidenham Choir

PlaceholderEwen Hamilton - Tutshill Music Coordinator

My personal faith came alive in my teens when started going to a church youth group and was further nurtured whilst at university. I am married to Janice, and we have been part of the church family at St. Luke's since the early 1990s. We are always eager to welcome instrumentalists or singers into our music team, so if you enjoy worshipping God in music and think you might like to join in with us, please contact me or have a chat after a service.

Julia Parsons - Pastoral Visit Coordinator